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The Green Evening Requiem - Decomposer CD

by The Green Evening Requiem

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The Green Evening Requiem - Decomposer

2010 full length album on CD, and the third release by The Green Evening Requiem.

from Metal Injection:

"Masterfully weaving together the best of black, death, doom, thrash, and progressive metal with dark melodic rock and graceful folk influences, The Green Evening Requiem transcend every musical boundary they can think of and forge ahead into virgin territory. They have a delightful tendency to ignore metal's strict genre rules and stray into uncharted waters, dabbling in psychedelia and 70's prog as often as they crank up the black metal bombast. Think Morningrise-era Opeth or The Mantle's Agalloch jamming with present-day Enslaved, and you're getting close."