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Drones for Queens - Practically Weapons 7"

by Drones for Queens


Drones for Queens - Practically Weapons 7"

Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl.


Side A:
State Your Terms
Practically Weapons

Side B:
A Blinding Future

Recorded by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound.
Cover Art by Bob Stokes at Minotaur Printing and Design.
Logo by Guger Art

“...fast paced metallic, thrash, punk, sometimes melodic D-Beat rage...Grinding string breaking guitars with a touch of melody. Drums that pound your ears raw, heart felt screamed and growled vocals. This is a short but sweet 7” that will leave any fans and new comers drooling for more from these Philadelphia boys.” - New Noise Magazine

“...a venomous brawl of thrash, hardcore, and grind with extra searing spices, the Philadelphia-based band goes for the jugular.” - Ring Master Reviews

"Metal/Grindcore that destroys their track on this comp! Everything about it is grueling and ferocious! The dissonance at the end makes the tension so thick you can cut it with a machete!" - Radio Static Philly